The Hook at Senopati - Jakarta Selatan

Enjoying The Finest Grouper Fish from The Hook at Senopati

At the end of last January, we attended Blogger Gathering that held in The Hook at Senopati. One of the top restaurants that served the best Grouper fish in Jakarta. Located at Suryo Road you can easily find this place. If you already know about Ruci's Joint place, The Hook was in front of the Ruci's building.

What was the background of The Hook? So, let me tell you a little story about their backgrounds. Before The Hook was existed, they owned a family Grouper farm which located in Arafura Sea. Free of pollutant, chemicals use or hormones. Basically it was all organic breed and it must be high nutrition fish! Their concern was to provide their consumers with best quality and tasty seafood.

The Hook Senopati Jakarta Selatan
Steamed Fish with Arafura Grouper

The main menu from The Hook is Arafuras Grouper. These kind of groupers are fed with crabs, shrimp, squid and fish that caught by local fishermen to produce the top quality of Groupers. It was cooked for Steamed Grouper (200k) and the fish was marinated with soya herb sauce. Perfect taste with chewy and meaty texture from the Grouper fish.

The Hook Senopati Jakarta Selatan
Steamed Grouper with Banda Grouper
We also got a chance to try another type of Grouper, they served us with Banda Grouper. This Grouper has slightly different meat texture with the Arafura. From my opinion it has smoother texture than previous one. I preferred to choose Arafura Grouper for my selection because of its meaty texture and how it so tasteful in my mouth! This Grouper is fit for 3 - 4 persons due of its size.

The Hook Senopati Jakarta Selatan
Prime Admiral Ribs

A little kick from this Grouper ribs! Loved the spiciness and tasty grouper. A deep fried grouper ribs and cooked with rica-rica sauce definitely was a good choice. The Prime Admiral Ribs (65k) is one of the Chef Recommended menus from The Hook.

The Hook Senopati Jakarta Selatan
Pacific Burger

Even you eat this Grouper in a burger it still tastes really good! They use a Grouper fillet as the patty and yeah it was nice to taste the Pacific Burger (93k) on your list! Bunch of toppings such as cheese, egg and lettuce. This was served with Nachos on the side.

The Hook Senopati Jakarta Selatan
The Hook's Aglio Olio

You can also taste the rica-rica Grouper in this Aglio Olio (92,5k) dish, tender and spicy Grouper meat perfectly match with The Hook's style of classic al dente spaghetti. Simple and another tasteful menu!

After got beautiful and delicious dishes we also got served with special desserts. There are 3 choices of desserts to be choose and my selection goes to Orange Blossom.

The Hook Senopati Jakarta Selatan
Orange Blossom

Slices of Orange with Mint sauce, it should be a fresh orange with juicy and chewy texture but from what I got it wasn't juicy as I thought before and the combination with the mint sauce just okay.

The Hook Senopati Jakarta Selatan
Chocolate Overload

A little bit jealous of others choice, the Chocolate Overload seems yummy and sweet dessert. Using 3 scoops of ice cream and bowl made of chocolate, this dessert was so cool!

The Hook Senopati Jakarta Selatan
Vanilla Pannacotta

And finally the last dessert, using panacotta cream and strawberry compote. The Vanila Pannacotta has a smooth texture and the sweet and sour from the strawberry made it even better!

The Hook
Jl. Cikatomas no. 35
Senopati - Jakarta Selatan

MON - THU & SUN : 10AM - 10PM
FRI - SAT : 10AM - 12AM

Website : www.thehook.co.id
Instagram : @thehookid
Telp : 021-27513528

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