About Foodirectory Blog



Foodirectory is our first collaboration as a couple. Started from hobby looking for places to hangout, jumping round and round through the hustle of Jakarta. Capturing pictures where we hang around and what we eat is a must. We don't want miss any moments when we get into a new place. Then, we realize something that we can share our activities especially for finding a good place to hangout, cafe, restaurant, street food, anything you name it through the internet and help people to find good recommendation from us.


Who we are? Let us introduce you:

Windy Iwandi

From a camera lens into a beautiful pictures, Windy Iwandi is all behind that beauty results. She can describe the unique of a picture with a single click shot. Well, she has all the abilities to make every shot come alive from her camera. Still don't believe it?

Andrey Raharja

Each words that you read right now are from the typing hands of Andrey Raharja, he came out with the ideas to make what you read count as a useful information.


We always improving our quality to make a review as clear as possible. You can get a new recommendation places from us, don't forget take a look on our instagram too.

Did you have any suggestion to go? Absolutely we want to hear more from you! You can leave a comment on this blog or on our social media.

Don't worry, you can reach us via email (foodirectory@gmail.com) or through our LINE: foodirectory as well.

Any partnership inquires or endorsement, please find our contact here.

Thanks and happy drooling!!

Andrey & Windy