Steak 21 Buffet - All You Can Eat BBQ

What comes through your mind when your hear Steak 21? Yes, some of you will think they’re famous for steak itself and some of you will think they’re an a la carte place. 
Let me ask you a question, would it be great if you can eat endless great steak all you want?
Because wait no more! I welcoming all of you guys to their new branch called Steak 21 Buffet All you can eat BBQ. Yes, you read it right! For their 49th branch, they’re opening an AYCE place that you can enjoy steak all you want, great isn’t it? This might count as the first steak restaurant with a BBQ AYCE concept.

When you enter the restaurant, you will be greeted by the buffet bar that have various type of food. You name it they have it! They have a selection from soup, asian food, fried snack complete with cream cheese dipping sauce, various type of pasta, salad bar, even they have yoghurt bar! (say what??) and also drink selection of your choice. (and by just typing this i’m drooling already, lol) 

Please don’t forget their special dipping sauce; LemonMayoSweetMustardCreamyMushroomOnionBrownSauce, and BlackpepperSauce. They’re all so good it burst all the flavor in your tongue. And yes, all of them are all homemade and made to the perfection to kicking your tastebud! There’s one more special sauce that make Steak 21 special, is none other than BBQ Sauce itself, you should try it, taste so good!

Instead of 90 minutes duration that most AYCE restaurant give to the customer, Steak 21 come for longer duration, giving 100 minutes to the customer to enjoy all the food. Isn’t it great?
Oh, by the way they have 4 packages that you can choose:
Package A: 6 Types of meat, 12 Flavor
Adult 188k++
Kid 158k++
1.    Thin Slice Short Plate
2.    Topside
3.    Chicken Steak
4.    Short Plate
5.    Chop Steak
6.    Bratwurst
Package B: 9 Types of meat, 22 Flavor
Adult 268k++
Kid 228k++
1.    Short Ribs
2.    Tongue
3.    Prime Sirloin
4.    Thin Slice Short Plate
5.    Topside
6.    Chicken Steak
7.    Short Plate
8.    Chop Steak
9.    Bratwurst
Package C: 16 Types of meat, 30 Flavor
Adult 368k++
Kid 320k++
1.    Prime Tenderloin
2.    Super Sirloin
3.    Prime Rib Eye
4.    Supreme Tenderloin
5.    Lamb Chop
6.    Salmon
7.    Shrimp
8.    Short Ribs
9.    Tongue
10.  Prime Sirloin
11.  Thin Slice Short Plate
12.  Topside
13.  Chicken Steak
14.  Short Plate
15.  Chop Steak
16.  Bratwurst
Package D: 18 Types of meat, 35 Flavor 
Adult 488k++
Kid 428k++
1.    Wagyu Supreme
2.    Lamb
3.    Prime Tenderloin
4.    Super Sirloin
5.    Prime Rib Eye
6.    Supreme Tenderloin
7.    Lamb Chop
8.    Salmon
9.    Shrimp
10.  Short Ribs
11.  Tongue
12.  Prime Sirloin
13.  Thin Slice Short Plate
14.  Topside
15.  Chicken Steak
16.  Short Plate
17.  Chop Steak
18.  Bratwurst
And here i’m choosing Package C, the waitress say Package B and Package C is they’re most ideal menu. So here i’m choosing Package C. Because the more the better right?

I really think Package C is really worth it to try. Especially the Prime Tenderloinand Super Sirloinare so tender and juicy and even without i’m dipping the meat to sauce, they’re still flavourful. You can choose what sauce to marinate your meet with, they have selection from Original Steak 21, Paprika Thyme, Dill Sweet Mustard, and Italian Herbs. What I love about they’re steak is even though this is an AYCE place, their consistency of the meat thickness is still on point. 

And since you’re grilling the meat by yourself, you can custom your level of done. You can make medium rare, medium, medium well, or even well done. And right after you cook it, you can have the steak all for yourself. Or if you want to share it with your friends, ask the waitress for scissors so they can cut it for you! Don’t worry if you’re not expert at cooking, you can ask the waitress to cook it for you, they will kindly help you and guide you, so don’t worry. (they’re all really kind and responsive) 

What i know from them, all of the meat are import from Australiaand Japan. (that’s why all of the meat are so good!) and they’re seafood (salmon and shrimp) are all so fresh.

I couldn’t ask for more great food like this. They’re food are all really great from the buffet bar to the meat itself. Their quality and quantity of the food is undeniably very good. If you’re a meat lover, please come check their place. I really recommend this place very much to you guys.

What’s more exciting, starting from 24 October 2018, there’s special discounts 20% for package C and D, starting from IDR 188k ++ and you can eat all you want! For more information, check out their Instagram @steak21_id with #allyoucansteak.

Steak 21 Buffet - All You Can Eat BBQ
Central Park Mall - LG Floor
Instagram: @steak21_id

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