Viverri Coffee Pluit - The Hidden Coffee Shop

Viverri Coffee

viverri-coffee-pluitYup, you read it right. A hidden gem for people who like the authentic of coffee. Located at Pluit Timur where most of the area was a housing complex and yes they are inside this housing complex. 

It is unusual where you always find a coffee shop inside a mall or shophouse. But, definitely this place has something special on it.

When you entering the coffee shop you will get view of house complete with a carport. They change the house into the complete coffee shop. Adding a long wooden table and couple of handmade wooden table to accompany you with your coffee.
viverri-coffee viverri-coffee

A unique scent from inside the house make our curiosity came out. Not to order the coffee first but directly ask the barista what was inside the house. Surprisingly they have their own roasting place and the scent we smell before was from the roasting engine.
A friendly guy called Wilson (owner) came out of the house greet us and after a long talk he said formerly this place was only a coffee roaster. He start the business from supplying coffee beans to several coffee shop around Indonesia then ended with opening their own coffee shop.
Wilson (owner)

So, we decide to order coffee here and we order two things here. First they recommend us to order Ice Cube Espresso (25k) which we love it so much! Made by espresso coffee froze into an ice cube form and pour with a fresh milk. Surely, it will cool your sunny day.
Ice Cube Espresso (25k)
Then we asked about the beans they have and they only serve with local beans. They use local beans because they felt Indonesian beans have more taste and characters. As a newbie coffee addict we agreed with that so we ask their recommendation for the beans and it goes to Aceh Gayo.
Only Local Beans
We tried their Manual Brew (25k) using the chosen beans. From the beginning they start to make our coffee they told us a lot of coffee history and the important process you should notice, how to drink a manual brew coffee, what so special about local beans and so on. That made us more aware about anything about coffee and we are happy with that. We are adding some good educations about coffee here in Viverri.
Aceh Gayo - V60 Style
A friendly owner plus the educations they gave us make this place into one of our favorite spot at Pluit. Will coming back again, soon!

We got some practice here to make our own latte. I guess it wasn't bad at all since it our first attempt making a cafe latte.
Cafe Latte

Viverri Coffee
Jl. Pluit Timur Raya blok E Utara no. 7
Kec. Penjaringan - Jakarta Utara (14450)
Mobile: 08176515666
Instagram: @viverricoffee
Website: www.viverri.com