Ivy Bistro at Dharmawangsa - Jakarta Selatan

Ivy Bistro - Dharmawangsa

Sorry for our late updates on our blog, now we got something new about our experiences in one of the new place in South Jakarta. It was so special because in this place we were held an early Christmas dinner with our friends.

Ivy Bistro is located in Dharmawangsa area which has a lot of highly rated and good reviewed cafe/restaurant. Then, come this restaurant which so far has good reputation too. I only got a few information about this restaurant in the Internet, so let's say this is all only by our first time experiences reviewed.

Back in that day, we were visiting Ivy at late night so we didn't bother our self to take pictures of the decorations and others. Just straight to the entrance door, the waitress were ready to greet us. It has great ambiance and we were agreed that this place must be good when visited during the day.

Ivy Bistro Dharmawangsa
Welcome Bread by Ivy Bistro

Basically they served both Western and Asian food, from the starter menu it's around 30k - 80k per portion and the main course around 90k - 375k. The taste? Pretty impressive!

Ivy Bistro Dharmawangsa
Spaghetti Aglio Olio (80k) + Chicken (25k)

The first one is the Spaghetti Aglio Olio (80k), the simple pasta dish with garlic, olive oil, chili flakes and parmesan cheese. It wasn't too oily and with another addition of Grilled Chicken (25k). No toppings at all if you only ordered the pasta, but you can get with custom add-on like we did.

Ivy Bistro Dharmawangsa
Lamb Meat Ball Spaghetti (95k)

Next, the Lamb Meat Ball Spaghetti (95k) is using a pomodoro sauce. It was a light sauce with lamb meat ball toppings. The pasta slightly has sour taste from the sauce and overall the lamb meat was quite tasty, but it slightly still has the typical smell of lamb meat.

Ivy Bistro Dharmawangsa
Pesto and Mushroom Farfalle (95k)

Creamy texture but it so fragrance! The Pesto and Mushroom Farfalle (95k) undoubtedly amazing! I love the creamy parsley paste with the addition of beef bacon. Creamy, tasty and a hint of olive taste. Yumm!

Ivy Bistro Dharmawangsa
Beef Lasagna (95k)

Layered of soft buttery pasta and have good combinations with tomato pastes, ground beef, mozzarella cheese and b├ęchamel sauce.

Ivy Bistro Dharmawangsa
Half Chicken Organic Shitake Cream Sauce (145k)

This chicken was so flavorful with great tenderness level. The crispy chicken's skin was so lovable, it was perfectly cooked and super tasty! The shitake cream sauce just made this chicken into a special dish. It also came up with dauphine potatoes and asparagus.

Ivy Bistro Dharmawangsa
Organic Chicken Breast Porcini (145k)

It's not so different with the previous one, for the Chicken it also has great level. The chicken meat was so tender with the lovely crispy chicken skin. Consists of wasabi mashed potato, tomato compote, asparagus and porcini cream sauce.

Ivy Bistro Dharmawangsa
Ivy Beef Burger (115k)

Using a home made bun and beef patty this beef burger was quite satisfying! A well seasoned beef patty with good texture. Juicy and tender at same time! Lovely!

Ivy Bistro Dharmawangsa
Nasi Goreng Kambing Ivy (125k)

Save the best for the last! This is the most favorite one for me. It start with the fried rice, so flavorful with all the spices and herbs! You can smell all the flavor and I guaranteed you will like it for sure! The lamb chops just wow! I love the tender meat and it perfectly cooked. There's no more smelly lamb meat, this one is a good one! So enjoyable!

Really need to go back to have another proper photos for all this stuff and the decorations of course! A little bit pricey I think, but it will turn well if you like the taste. For us, this experiences was so satisfying, I hope you will enjoy it too.

P.S: Pardon of our yellowish and bad quality photos :(

Ivy Bistro
Jl. Brawijaya II no. 48
Dharmawangsa - Jakarta Selatan

MON - SUN:  11AM - 11PM

Instagram: @ivyjkt
Website: ivy.kitchen
Telp: 021 7265766

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