Japan's Trip: Kohmen Ramen - Shinjuku

Glad to be back again! After several blog less months, now I'm about to share our last trip in Japan. Basically our trip only covers Tokyo city, those one week experience that we had was so memorable. REALLY!!

So, this gonna be our first ramen shop that we had in Tokyo, it's located in the heart of Shinjuku. Our friend (Mr. @briandsumito) refers us to pay a visit to this local ramen shop. There will be not much pictures that we share about this place but I hope you will still enjoying it because we were so excited back then to try this.

Kohmen Ramen - Shinjuku

One thing that we are sure is they use pork broth for the soup. So it gave a thick soupy texture which has flavorful experience both in aroma and taste! Really glad our first ramen was so impressed like this.

Kohmen Ramen - Shinjuku

Personally, I love the ramen texture, it a little bit dense but still chewy and enjoyable. They put a sliced pork on the top, sliced bamboo shoot, half egg, crispy nori and bunch of spring onions. Those pork taste sweet but yet still tasty and juicy.

Kohmen Ramen - Shinjuku

Overall we did enjoying it! The portion was quite generous, those in the picture above it just like one and half portion. You might want to check them while strolling around Shinjuku, find it with your google maps or waze, it's easy to find and near the Shinjuku Central Station.

Kohmen Ramen - Shinjuku

Kohmen Ramen
MON - SUN : 10:30AM - 12AM

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